Divine Explorations with Jody Doty and Gail Alexander Clairvoyant-Mandala Artist 01/13 by Positive Transformation Net | Goals Podcasts

THIS IS A LIVE CALL-IN SHOW ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 13TH. THE CALL IN NUMBER IS 646-716-9645. After a brief introduction, Guest Gail Alexander and I will answer 1 or 2 brief questions you have for us to look at with our spiritual, psychic eyes. We may do some healing work as well. On this week’s show on January 13th (1 pm Pacific, 4 pm Eastern) I am delighted to be joined by a wonderful friend of mine, Gail Alexander. Gail wears many hats. Like me, Gail is a clairvoyant, medium, mystic, healer. She is also a therapist, artist and intuitive. She creates the most amazing mandalas and images to access information about people. The images have been likened to symbols, ancient knowledge, codes, healing conduits, portals and guidance. The information comes from the person’s energy field, spirit team and spiritual helpers that are always with and around you. The knowledge or message (mandala/symbol) is translated by using the principles of sacred geometry, unconditional love and light. Gail creates energy mandalas that bring awareness to your consciousness and help increase your frequency, vibration and energy signature. She has created many mandalas individually and for humanity, which provide assistance as we all continue to evolve, grow and gain new understanding of who we are. Gail is an intuitive. Her readings aid in learning to trust your inner voice, higher self or intuition as you gain awareness and evolve on your own journey. The readings can help with gaining clarity and looking at how energy is affecting your body, frequency and vibration. The readings may also help you learn to bring yourself into alignment, balance and harmony with your own healing abilities and help you to heal yourself. Gail Alexander 1-847-903-3160 http://gail-alexander.com/ ABOUT THE SHOW HOST: Jody Doty is a Soul Reader, Intuititve-Psychic-Medium. http://www.jodydoty.com jodydowa@gmail.com

Source: Divine Explorations with Jody Doty and Gail Alexander Clairvoyant-Mandala Artist 01/13 by Positive Transformation Net | Goals Podcasts

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