Divine Explorations with Jody Doty and Marian Stenseth Evans 10/14 by Positive Transformation Net | Goals Podcasts

THIS IS BOTH AN INTERVIEW AND A CALL IN SHOW 1-646-716-9645 I am thrilled to have a conversation this Friday, October 14th,1 pm Pac, 4 pm EST, with Marian Stenseth Evans. Marian is a force to be reckoned with. She had a difficult childhood and much of her adult life was spent enduring the pain of domestic violence. Today, at 71 years old, she is blooming, coming into her own, and thriving. Marian is a poet, lyricist, and contributing author to the soon to be released book, ‘The Journey from Surviving to Thriving’ (IbbiLane Press). She’s a frequent caller on this show and I thought it was time to switch the focus to Marian herself. She has an amazing story of resiliency, of beating fear, owning her power and her voice to become an activist for change and advocacy for others like her who are deailng with domestic abuse and violence and with the court. Marian caught the attention of Dave Daley Monster Motivator when she related her story of fighting back. She aced a self defense class at her senior center, taking down her 200 lb instructor. She chose to be proactive and fully capable of protecting herself. Marian is now a regular on Dave Daley Monster Motivator’s Live Video Show as his Monster Moderator. She is proof that you can turn your life around at any time and make it what you want. She was nearly killed, her husband jailed, was silenced for years, had a less than ideal childhood and something within her shifted. She said no more and has stepped into her power. She is fearless, enthusiastic, outspoken, sassy and fabulous. Okay she’s always been sassy and fabulous. Marian believes if she can turn it around, fight back, thrive in her 70’s, you can do it too now. Please joins us for what will be a high energy, important and fun show. Divine Explorations with Jody Doty Host: Jody Doty Soul Reader http://www.jodydoty.com

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