Life’s Sweet Repeat

He recalls that hot summer day many sleeps ago spent fishing with his  grandpa, sipping Mountain Dew by the lake, and not really caring if the fish were biting. Was it really that long ago that he got the wood sliver in an oh so unfriendly spot while perched on the rickety wooden swing.  Higher and faster he flew, as close to the top of the tree branches as he could see, sunshine melting his cheeks, breeze in his hair, and tennis shoes loosely tied, feet pointing like a retriever well above his head. Happy times giving way to simple childhood pleasures; nothing but God and nature keeping him company. He sighs now and tries to swing upward from the sliverless old folk’s recliner, older yes, but wiser, well that’s just a matter of opinion.  He makes his way to the cabin window, peering out to watch in nostalgic pleasure as the newest grandson pumps his feet to the sky and reaches toward heaven. Life’s sweet repeat. Nothing left to do but smile and maybe invite him in to wet his whistle with a swig of Mountain Dew for old time sake.  Jody Doty

©2015 Meditations and Musings by Jody Doty