Beauty is owning all of the chapters of your story. Beauty is rising after the fall and holding your head high when all you want to do is crawl under the covers and shut out the eorld. Beauty is accepting others with compassion and understanding. Beauty is living your passion, loving your body, and gratitude for the gift of being. Beauty is the enduring timeless grace of your soul. Jody Doty


This is my “new” over, my fresh start, my “let go of the past and go for it” moment. I choose growth. I choose change. I choose to live my life fully and purposefully. This is me with no regrets, no apologies, and no excuses leaping into the arms of now, spreading my hopeful wings, and bravely soaring my re-awakened soul.  Jody Doty


The light in her eyes grows bright and fills the darkness of her room with her loving essence. Her mind failing, brilliance now defines her soul. Her body holds only glimpses of a distant memory. She’s a beautiful glimmer beyond the physical who comes to you when she can, a visitor from the heart of God’s universe, a blink and a twinkle, sharing her pieces with you, one moment at a time.  Jody Doty

Weekend Engagement

She was giddy at the thought of a weekend of quiet calm, away from the pulls of work, obligations, duties, the sweet surrender to tranquility, stolen hours of reading, soul searching, a romantic walk through the trees, listening to the birds, watching the clouds, counting her lucky stars in the night sky. Oh weekend affair let’s make it permanent. Wont you please marry me? Jody Doty 

Passion Paint

Passion Paint
Sometimes my artist self answers a familiar call, a soul’s yearning to color across the rigid lines of life’s plain ruled paper, to create word art with passion and purpose, vibrancy and magic, violet and magenta, a plethora of panache using the purples of prose. Jody Doty
©2015 Meditations and Musings By Jody Doty


Sometimes it takes all the effort I have to keep chiseling away, to patiently and lovingly excavate my way to the heart of you.  Even then I discover yet another layer of ancient protective emotions mired in your muck.  What can I say?  I’m just optimistic dynamite and you’re worth the expedition.  Jody Doty


I found myself in a whisper I scarcely recalled, a nudging reminder, a melody of moonlight, life’s sweet lullaby, a stirring, an  awakening of a sleepy soul, the bookmarked space between the prelude and the finale, the mood and magic, the surrendering to the middle, the in between, the now of my soul. From this gifted gateway of garnered grace, I answer the call, the beckoning, the solitude, the source, the silent prayer, the simplicity of being. Jody Doty