There are more crayons in the feeling box than the happy of pink and the joy of yellow. Today, I honor the totality of my emotions without judgment. I accept the healing gift of emotional wholeness and choose to release what no longer serves me, welcoming the honest feeling of what is. Jody Doty

The Necklace.

She was different, unusual, kind of an anomaly really, an old soul, an intuitive, a healer, who was both down-to-earth practical and etherically spiritual. Over time, she found herself drawn to others…the quirky, the weird, the artist, the nerd, the hermit, the actress, the poet, the dancer, the naturalist, the clown, the musician. She collected them like beautiful beads of society’s necklace and wore their friendship proudly, honoring the individual gift of each, their uniqueness, their talent, their essence. She found her place of belonging, joining them on the necklace. Combined, they are a limited edition of exquisite worldly beauty, human jewelry of the heart. Jody Doty

©2015 Meditations and Musings By Jody Doty

Taming of Fear

She wanted to share all of her carefully hidden secrets, to finally untie the tightly laced bindings of her restrained heart, thus exposing the mysteries of her passionate self. Instead, she retreated to her internal grave, a cowardly surrender to a familiar foe. Hopefulness gave way to a forgettable helping of babble of the safe and expected kind, a sketchy outline of obliging nicety and mindless adjectives with little context or meaning. Damn this moment, this lost opportunity to revel in the sharing of universal wisdom, to bask in the loving light of truth, to speak freely from the naked core of her being  Collapsing in a heap at the edge of her disappointed heart, she vowed to avenge her fear, to summon her courage, to bolster her feminine swagger, and to forever tame the torment of her untold lover’s soul. And with that she did.  Jody Doty
©2015 Meditations and Musings By Jody Doty

Buried Treasure- He’s a Gem.

Beneath his macho bravado, his gruff exterior, his sports-loving, wise-cracking antics, he is a tender heart, a compassionate caring soul. His life has not been easy and his wounds run deep to the core of his being. He is a champion for the underdog, the innocents, the vulnerable of this world because he wears the same cloak of understanding. He does what he can to help, but is disheartened and his belief shaken by thoughtless acts of inhumanity, the hypocrisy of politics, and the lack of support and empathy for those less fortunate. He shines the brightest when he lets down his guard, dispatches his protections, and is his real unvarnished self. Chisel away the rough, crusty edges and he is a brilliant diamond, a rare and beautiful gem, a healer of the world. Here’s hoping he will let himself receive as much as he gives, heal his pain, shed the past, and sparkle for all he’s worth.  Jody Doty

©2015 Meditations and Musings By Jody Doty