An Unusual Affair

She’s got a flair for the unusual, the  unconventional.  She’s an inadvertent rebel, but in a good way. She’s the one who asks for everything substituted or on the side, who orders a steak at the seafood place.  She’s the moviegoer who laughs out loud at the lines no one else thinks are funny. She’s the gal who runs down the up escalator just because she can,  who wears white shoes in the winter because they go with the snow.  Her door is always open, but she’s rarely  at home.  She sends flowers for no reason, but doesn’t remember your birthday. She writes a very personal message to her valentine, but forgets to sign her name.  She prefers picking daisies to having roses delivered. She’s an unpredictable bundle of positive kinetic energy with unique as her middle name.  She always keeps you on your toes, but oh the fun once you’re there.  It takes all kinds, and she’s one of the best. ©  Jody Doty


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