Comedy of Errors

She was the clown, the life of the party, the smile that lit up the room but hid a thousand hurts, a painful past, and an exhausted present. Each day she painted on happy for others like makeup, but when the party was over and the crowd went home, her life was no laughing matter. Enough, she declared, time to get real, clean up her act, ditch the drama, and dismiss the distraction. She’s ready to star in her own reality, and that brings her happy tears of truth.” Jody Doty


An Unusual Affair

She’s got a flair for the unusual, the  unconventional.  She’s an inadvertent rebel, but in a good way. She’s the one who asks for everything substituted or on the side, who orders a steak at the seafood place.  She’s the moviegoer who laughs out loud at the lines no one else thinks are funny. She’s the gal who runs down the up escalator just because she can,  who wears white shoes in the winter because they go with the snow.  Her door is always open, but she’s rarely  at home.  She sends flowers for no reason, but doesn’t remember your birthday. She writes a very personal message to her valentine, but forgets to sign her name.  She prefers picking daisies to having roses delivered. She’s an unpredictable bundle of positive kinetic energy with unique as her middle name.  She always keeps you on your toes, but oh the fun once you’re there.  It takes all kinds, and she’s one of the best. ©  Jody Doty

Oblivion Zone

“Life has a funny way of getting your attention when you are cruising along in the oblivion zone. Remember to slow down, pay attention, be mindful, own your moments, live.”  Jody Doty


I Just Know

I jumped and you caught me. I cried and you dried my tears. I was silent and you heard me. I was afraid and you held my hand. I was angry and you understood. I was lost and you showed me the way. I hid and you found me. I wanted to die and you restored my faith. I was torn apart and you mended my heart. You love unconditionally and I just know. Jody Doty


Moonlight Nudging

The bright of the full moon on my eyelids is a gently lifted nightshade of white wonder beckoning me, nudging my sleepy soul with its glow of intense purity, a persistent pleading to bask in the early morning splendor of its peaceful radiance, a divine delight of lunar loveliness, my worldly wake-up call not to be missed.   Jody Doty


Heart of the Matter

When we express ourselves fully and unconditionally from the heart, our soul vibrates in a silent crescendo of knowingness, understanding, compassion, and celebration. Our loving essence transcends all bounds, and words are truly optional. 💗 Jody Doty


Got a Minute

As we Spring forward, let that lost hour be a reminder of the precious gift of time.  Bookmark your moments.  Be present. Laugh, love, live. Celebrate you.  It’s time.

Jody Doty