Meanwhile in a Parallel Existence

She walks in two worlds. One, the land of the practical, the “get it done,” the work of humankind,  responsibly supporting herself and others, the external island of “do to be” and the daily routine of deadlines, timelines and to-do’s.  All the while, in a parallel existence, her other world beckons her quiet perspective, her higher calling, the internal shaping, the spiritual filling of her body’s  silhouette,  the reminder of her soul’s purpose, a simpler, timeless  state of being with stilled reflection of self, her place of calm comfort, certainty and faith within the center of life’s tornado. She stands firmly grounded, a foot in each place, at the intersection of  past and future, a human scale inviting  balance, blending and integration of doing and being, finding pleasure in the grand alchemy that is her life. © Jody Doty

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