Live Your Love – Typo of Truth

Live Your Love – Typo of Truth.

Live Your Love – Typo of Truth

So often when I am texting or e-mailing I accidentally type the word “live” instead of “love.”  Frustrated with the imperfection, I go back and fix the typo.  This morning, as I was once again backspacing the correction,  I realized maybe this was not just a coincidental mistake but rather a reminder that life isn’t always about perfection.  Expressing the words ” I live you” instead of “I love you” may really be  closer to the truth, the action, the verb.  Each day we are invited to live our love, to share it,  to welcome the love of others, to live a loving life.  That is no error.  It just is. Love, today I live you. ❤

© Jody Doty

Katie – Lighthouse of Hope

She’s been there, like a sunken ship languishing on the ocean floor, buried deep within the depths  of addiction and pain. But she wasn’t meant to be submerged for long. She’s a survivor, a woman of faith and courage, determined to rise, to swim like a mermaid through her ocean of emotion, leaving her fear, shame, and isolation behind in the wake of her past.  She has arisen, surfaced, and welcomes the sunrise of her soul each morning.  In the evening, she bravely climbs the rocky hill of perseverance, taking one step at a time until at last she reaches the top, the reflective mirror of her lighthouse. She is a beautiful beacon, a shining example of hope, healing, resilience and recovery,  lighting the way for other ships traveling in the dark of night. © Jody Doty

Jar of Feelings

She kept her emotions and feelings tightly contained, tucked away in a mason jar on life’s pantry shelf.  She was waiting for some perfect day when the stars were aligned and life was accommodating  to open the jar. For years she was devoid of feelings, numbly going through the motions, dead to herself and to others. That perfect day just never seemed to come.  Apparently, there was no expiration date on bottled feelings. After a time, she became emotionally anorexic, starved for her life, for passion. In a moment of brave serendipity, she opened the lid and filled the empty places in her body. Raw, vulnerable, happy, sad, angry, fearful, passionate, she was back. It wasn’t easy.  Life she decided wasn’t perfect, but the risk to feel was worth it,  Her soul welcomed her back like a newborn baby. In the sky above, the stars formed an evening smile that made her cry happy tears of  rediscovered joy.©

~ Jody Doty, Meditation and Musing on the Divine