Be Home To You

Are you available to yourself in this moment? Are you present and aware?  If you’ve checked out, the good news is you can check back in now.  Put you on your priority list. Be home to you. Now is your point of change, the place that your body loves. So often we either live in the past, reveling in what was good then, or in the future, imagining what could be.  All the while we are missing life now, the wind, the sun, the movement, the conversation, the touch, the feeling of what is happening this very moment.  Our minds wander and we miss our moments. Some folks miss entire weeks stuck on something painful from their past because they are living there.  If you are sad often, you are probably living in the past and are not here or not present to your life now.  If you are experiencing anxiety or fear, you most likely are in the future.  Your body operates best with you right here, right now,  this moment, at this time in your present awareness.  While it is wonderful to reflect on the past or make dreams for the future, don’t live there because there is much to see, feel, taste, explore, create and love about you and the world, your world, right now.  Have a great this moment.  Live your life now.  Many blessings. Jody Doty ©

3 thoughts on “Be Home To You

  1. Thank you for this post. Luckily I found my way to it right this moment. It surely reminded me about bringing my mind back to present. I will go for a lovely walk now in the sun and focus on what I see, feel, smell and sense and forget my pain from the past and worries of future. Thank you so much!


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